Fumigation Certificate
Importer Security Filing (ISF) – 10+2

Entry Summary Declaration (ENS) 

On January 1, 2011 the European Union’s security initiative ”European 24 Hour Rule” will come into effect. This security requires the electronic transmission of Entry Summary Declarations (ENS) to EU Customs. ENS is a way to tighten the security within EU. This new legislation requires that information of all goods brought into EU are submitted to EU customs no later than 24 hours before beginning of loading at each non EU port.

The ENS data shall be provided by shipper of the goods to our agent in each port of origin. Our agents will forward this information to involved sea- or air freight carriers.

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Needed ENS data includes: 

  • Name and address of shipper and consignee along with EORI number of consignee.

  • Name and address and EORI of Notify Party in B/L if issued “to order”

  • Container number

  • Seal number

  • Accurate description of cargo

  • First 6 digits of the commodity HS code

  • Number and type of packages

  • Cargo gross weight

  • UN dangerous goods code (when applicable)

  • Shipping marks (marks and numbers)

  • Number of items, commodities

(Additional information may be required by shipping line)

Required ENS data must be submitted by the ocean carrier no later than 24 hours before commencement of loading. This means that closing time will be earlier than before in relation to departure time and that it will not be possible to hand in goods after closing time. If required information is not supplied in time or incorrect it will cause delay in shipping and possible penalty charges.

The administrative work of transmitting ENS data will render in extra charges per B/L. At this point of time it is not decided what this extra cost will be or if it will be charged in port of origin or destination.

If any further information is required, your supplier is welcome to contact our agent in the shipping port.

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