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Why Ai Logistics

Why Ai Logistics

At Ai Logistics, we are dedicated to fulfilling all your needs of Logistics and Shipping,from the source to the final destination. Since our incorporation, we have proved to be a safe, reliable, quality-driven shipping forwarder. As a member of the World Cargo Alliance, our extensive global network covers over 90 countries worldwide, assuring that your freight can be delivered just about anywhere. We understand that every business has unique transportation and logistics challenges, which is why we focus exclusively on providing suitable solutions for your company. We offer comprehensive service plans tailored to your requirements.

Our professional staff has extensive expertise in the international shipping area, and is ready to provide a quick and detailed response to all your inquiries. We make every effort to attain the best rates for our valued customers, and are dedicated to quality service through hard work, innovation, and honesty. We treat every shipment with the utmost care, urgency, and importance. 100% customer satisfaction is our goal each and every time our services are rendered.

Whether your requirements are regional or international, Ai Logistics offers a wide range of services tailored to meet your specific needs. To determine how Ai Logistics can add value to your business, we encourage you to take a look at our company and the services we provide.

Mission Statement


At Ai Logistics, we are driven by our passion for success. We strive to be the best in our industry, and the best in customer satisfaction. However, our motivation does not end with our success; we support and look forward to the success of the companies run by our clients as well. We are motivated by the opportunity to help their businesses grow and prosper from our services.


As our industry and global markets constantly change, we continue to anticipate and adapt to these changes. Just recently, Ai Logistics joined the World Cargo Alliance, to further expand our global footprint. Our vision is to be leading professionals and to reach new milestones in the logistics industry.


Our dedication lies inherently with our valued customers. We are here to provide our customers with around-the-clock service, expert knowledge, and solutions for all their logistic needs. We find great value and appreciation in the satisfaction of our clients.


Ai Logistics has established a solid reputation for its reliable, efficient, and consistent services. Our professional staff is expertly trained to help with all logistic concerns, and our extensive global network covers over 80 different countries, ensuring delivery all over the world. We focus inherently on quality control to make sure that every plan is executed flawlessly, and that your cargo is delivered safely and securely.

Speak to our experts today and start processing your shipment with risk free and reliable shipping services with Ai Logistics! Or you can send us email via china@ai-log.com

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