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China Customs expertise

China Customs’ requirements can change frequently. Importers need to be fully aware of changes and new policies in order to maintain compliance. Keeping abreast of these changing requirements is vitally important for supply chain success in China – but takes time and ties up your key resources.

Even simple compliance issues are complex. For example understanding the requirements regarding documentation and certification needed for China Customs approval are detailed and include all of the following:

The application for inspection of import/export commodities subject to inspection and quarantine Customs formalities including customs declaration, tariff payment, inspection and delivery These requirements vary by commodity too, becoming more complex

Commodity Approval Documents
Garments, Textiles and Accessories Labeling requirements, safety requirements on cords and drawstrings on children’s clothing
Mechanical and Electronic Products China Compulsory Certification (CCC)
Endangered wild animals and plants Import and Export Approval Certificates
Food products Imported Food Labeling Examination Certificate
Cosmetics Imported Cosmetics Examination Certificate
Drugs Special Drugs Import License, Narcotic Drugs Import License or Psychotropic Drugs Import License

AI Logistics’ Customs House Brokerage Unit (CHB) started operation in 2016. AI Logistics was one of the leading carrier-based logistics companies to establish full Customs House Brokerage in China and has already been named an ‘Excellent Customs Broker’ by the China Customs Brokers Association.

AI Logistics is now one of the top importers into China in terms of ocean freight volume as well as the wide range of commodities we manage. AI Logistics maintains a China AA Class Customs House broker license, the highest level of certification possible – and we continue to expand on our proven track record by providing expert CHB services to our international customers bringing products into China.

AI Logistics offers expert and efficient services for your China import CHB requirements, including:

Import/export goods declarations

Acting as that all-important bridge between China Customs and your company Offering value adding and related services and expert assistance throughout the customs clearance process

AI Logistics’ China CHB expertise, and efficient process management ensures timely deliveries of your goods into the fast-moving China marketplace. From clearance through the CIQ process and onward delivery to distribution center or the store shelf, AI Logistics will be there to help speed your products to market.

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